different styles

long animation

really long animation

basic sprites and shadow

i wanted a fire bird. this is what i got.

just chillin'

old cartoon styled sailor

~,a giant woman,~

yeah. i had to edit this one

different colors

a group one and a few before and afters

blue screens aren’t fun.

a friend sent me a sketch so i went ahead and made it all pixely

i took that sketch and turned it into a simple smoel sprut

He has seen some stuff. it probably wasn’t legal

my first large map. it took me 3 days until i was finally happy with it.

another bit of animating

i tried making a younger versions of this one.

a different set of 32x32 tiles i made to keep some variety.

SUPAH MAGICAH GURL. Now in two different flavors.

a few puddings

the process i go through.to get a base then what i do once i have it.

an animation of couple test ideas i had and a couple bases i made to work off of.

the first of a group of 32x32 tiles i put together and arranged to complete the look

a cave story style sprite i made to test other styles.

a set of profile pictures i used to test color and shading. As well as a base for the main look.

a little profile picture i made for myself on skype.

Pixel Art

This is around the quality of work i can pump out

myself or potential games